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(Airport) Logistics

In logistics centers like airports you need to prevent warming up of your produce!

On airports & logistic centres at both departing and arrival sites, pre-cooling is often needed to prevent the flowers from heating up (too much). Vacuum cooling is the only solution to cool down complete aircraft pallets in a uniform way, independent of the packing and original produce temperature.

Reduce the risk of botrytis! With many flowers, there is a risk of botrytis due to the collection of moisture within and on the sleeve. As vacuum cooling is based on moisture evaporation & extraction, it will remove (all) moisture from the inside of the sleeve, and from the flower surface, thus reducing or eliminating the Botrytis risk. It is important to tune the control system in the correct way, otherwise it will not work!

Our 2 + 2 Aircraft Vacuum cooler has proven to be extremely productive! In high season, one of our customers has been able to cool 4 (!) Boeing 747-s, filled to the rim with flowers. All (almost 120 (!)) aircraft pallets could be cooled down homogenous & fast, saving huge amounts of time, space and labour; resulting in minimum reject and maximum quality.

2 + 2 AirCraft Pallet Solutions

Handling 360,000 kgs flowers a day!

Cold Chain Management – Schiphol NL

Dual Room Pallet Cooler – Narita Airport

1 + 1 AirCraft Pallet System – Miami Airport

Watch all our videos about flower cooling and logistics on Vimeo.


Case Botrytis Prevention

Case Botrytis Prevention

Vacuum Cooling reduces moisture in packed flowers. Therefore there is hardly any Botrytis thanks to dryer conditions in the sleeve.

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Case Airport Cooling

Case Airport Cooling

Perfect temperature guarantees optimal forward transportation

“Vacuum is the only efficient and effective cooling option at the airport...

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(Airport) Logistics(Airport) Logistics

(Airport) Logistics

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