Cold Chain management for flowers with vacuum cooling

Better, faster & cheaper

Vacuum cooling can offer many advantages for the flower growers, as well as their logistic partners. The last group is already using vacuum cooling on the airports, both on the departing and the arrival side. Further improvement on quality, yield, cost saving etc. can be realized by vacuum cooling closer to the source, at the farm. The faster you start lowering the flower temperature, the longer the transportation time can be, without reducing vase life. The better also you can preserve flower quality, and reduce your chances of waste caused by Botrytis.

Reduce the risk of botrytis!

With many flowers, there is a risk of botrytis due to the collection of moisture within and on the sleeve. As vacuum cooling is based on moisture evaporation & extraction, it will remove (all) moisture from the inside of the sleeve, and from the flower surface, thus reducing or eliminating the Botrytis risk. It is important to tune the control system in the correct way, otherwise it will not work!

Vacuum Cooling systems: control the flower temperature

Weber Cooling is a relatively new player in the field of vacuum cooling, but growing fast! With many installations all around the globe we’ve become (one of the) leading players in this field, with around 50 (!) new installations in only the last two years, ranging from low cost & highly effective compact (and mobile) systems, to airport solutions handling up to more than 100 (!) Aircraft pallets per day.

Our customer base can be found in Europe, the Middle East, Eastern Africa, Central & South-East Asia and both North- and South America. We’ve build our reputation on:

  • unparalleled value for money (combining high end components with economies of scale)
  • innovative, cost & energy saving solutions (“vacuum cooling re-invented”)
  • knowledge sharing, offering the best solution for your application, and dedicated after sales support


See all our videos about flower cooling and logistics on Vimeo.


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