vacuum cooling at the farm

Pre cooling of fresh cut flowers at the farm with our flower vacuum cooler

The sooner you can cool down your flowers after harvesting, the longer the vase life will be.

This has been proven for flowers like roses, chrysanthemum, hypericum, gyps and more. Flower respiration and transpiration, plus their ethylene production, are an important factor here. Plus optimal cooled flowers will heat up much less during transportation, reducing your rejects & losses!

When to cool fresh cut flowers is the question: The best way to (vacuum) cool your flowers will be dependent on the way you handle your flowers, the way you hydrate and the way you cool now. Together with you we can define the optimal start of the cold chain (either before or after hydration & processing) and tune the vacuum cooler specifications to your exact needs, guaranteeing optimal cooling efficiency.


See all our videos about flower cooling and logistics on Vimeo.


Flower vacuum cooler

Case Arcadia flower vacuum cooler

50% more Chrysanthemum in the same box!

Dutch grower Arcadia is a leading quality & award winning grower of Chrysanthemum. Owner Bart van Ruijven: “We use the Weber vacuum cooler on a daily basis to quickly cool down our fresh cut flowers, to preserve quality & vase life”.

Bart cools in two stages: “ With vacuum we quickly bring the Chrysanthemum to sleep, in the cold room we further reduce their temperature to hibernation state.”.

He also states that “Only with our vacuum cooler it is possible to pack up to 50% more stems in the same size box. This can strongly reduce our shipment costs, and optimize our logistics.”

Vacuum cooling at Wildfire

Case wildfire

Perfect cooled Hypericum brings top quality & minimal rejects

Wildfire Flowers (Kenia) is a leading grower of Roses and Hypericum. They own a vacuum cooler for about 15 (!) years, and use it almost daily to cool down their Hypericum.

Ann Mugi, sales manager: “With vacuum we can cool down our Hypericum within around 15 – 20 minutes, from around 20 °C down to 2 °C. Only this way we can guarantee top quality of our delicate flowers after shipment to Europe!”

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