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For bread & bakery the potential advantages of vacuum “baking” are unbelievable !

Vacuum cooling is one of the most important revolutions on-going in the bakery industry. One of the "hottest" issues is the long waiting times between baking and cutting, packing and shipping. Vacuum cooling solves this issue, and can bring you a lot of additional benefits, like up to 30% shorter baking times, up to 10% less ingredients needed, better texture, larger volume, crispier crust, longer shelf life, less reject.

Until recently, vacuum cooling has been very expensive, and available only to the largest bakeries. But thanks to the standardized "bakery specials", developed by Weber Cooling, Vacuum technology is now affordable for all bakeries!

Vacuum cooling for cooked food is “hot” in Asia, and also finds a growing interest in Europe, thanks to the specific advantages that our industrial food cooling solutions offers for hot food, and especially for products like sushi & rice.

With over 500 systems produced (for all varieties of food) Weber Cooling offers you an incomparable experience in food vacuum cooling, and can offer you solutions for an unparalleled price/performance level. We are THE leader in this field, worldwide.



Food & Bakery vacuum cooling offers you:

  • Up to 90% (or more) reduction in cooling time
  • Up to 75% saving on space & energy costs
  • Minimized bacteria growth & perfect temperature homogenity
  • Higher output of your facilities (especially for bakeries)

With our industrial food cooling solutions you can:

  • Preserve & increase taste & food quality
  • Reduce bacteria growth, thus ensuring longer shelf life
  • Optimize your logistics as much shorter time to market can be realized
  • Obtain more product volume and save on ingredients (especially for bakeries)


Vacuum Cooling in Food Kitchen – Case Study

How Vacuum Cooling Works - Rice

Vacuum Cooling Glutenfree Bread – Case Study

How Vacuum Cooling Works - Bread

See all our videos about vegetable cooling on Vimeo.

For food & bakery we offer:

Full stainless steel vacuum coolers, from small scale models for one box (15 kg) up to 400 kg per load solutions for industrial kitchens and food factories. We offer different models for high, medium and low temperature ranges, plus special high-end solutions needed for vacuum cooling of bread.

Our systems can be supplied with one or two doors, for one up to three trolleys, and with integrated or separated cooling skids, which can also be installed in low care areas.

Contact us to let us advise you about the system most suitable to your needs.

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