vacuum cooling bread

Vacuum cooling of bread

You can reduce your cooling time to only minutes.

We mention bakeries first, as for this application vacuum cooling for bread can offer incredible advantages, both on productivity, product quality and shelf life. You can reduce your cooling time to only minutes. At the same time you can increase the output of your bakery by up to 40%, create premium bread quality with optimized texture and crispy crust, maintain freshness for more days, and save on energy costs and on raw materials.

We call it "vacuum baking"
Baking bread is based on the boiling of water in the bread. The principle of vacuum baking is to decrease atmospheric pressure in the oven, thus to lower the cooking temperature without retarding the drying process, because moisture evaporation is accelerated under vacuum.
In vacuum cooling the pressure is reduced even more, thus increasing the 'baking' speed during the whole cooling cycle. As an effect, part of the baking process is taken over by the vacuum cooler and baking times will be reduced on average by 20 - 30%. You can get up to 40% more output with your same ovens.

Only one vacuum cooler, serving up to 6 (!) ovens, can not only reduce your cooling times and increase your quality, it can also boost your capacity as if you would add (up to) 2.5 extra ovens!


We bring our demo system to your bakery !

weber demo vacuum cooler

For bread we have special demo units, giving you the opportunity to test the effect and advantages for your bakery! Our demo combines the technologies of our ECO and Power coolers and is therefore very suitable for testing at your location so you can decide which type of system will offer you the best results!

We offer you a complete package of 3 x 3
for an optimal vacuum cooling experience:
  • 3 weeks of rental of the vacuum cooler
  • 3 days advice at your location
  • 3 weeks of advisory services by phone for process optimization


Time wise
You can bring back your cooling time from hours to (3 - 5) minutes! Plus you save up to 30% on your baking times.
Quality wise
Better structure, longer crispness, larger volume, less bacteria growth, longer shelf life. For special bread like "Gluten-Free" these advantages are most obvious.
Capacity wise
Saving up to 30% on your baking time, you can increase your baking capacity by up to 40%.
Cost wise
You can save up to 10% on ingredients, up to 40% on labour costs (no overtime, normal hours, no shift surplus, etc.), up to 60% on space costs and up to 80% on energy bills!
Life wise
As your baking and cooling times decrease substantially, you can have your bread ready much quicker. Therefore you can start production later, giving you and your employees back a normal social life...


Vacuum cooling bread

Vacuum cooling bread

Case Wiltink Gluten Free Bakery

The ideal partner for our gluten free bakery

Wiltink Bakery in the Netherlands is the producer of YAM gluten-free bread.

“With our new high-end but affordable vacuum cooling system of Weber, we can cut & pack our bread at the same day thanks to the ultra-fast pre-cooling” , says Govert Jan Wiltink, the production manager.
“Thanks to the vacuum cooler, we can also achieve better texture & taste, a more crispy crust and a longer shelf life. We are also able to increase our production by around 40% using the same ovens, as we can reduce baking times by up to 30 minutes!” .

See our video for the full story.

Fast cooling bread

Fast cooling bread

Case Klootwijk

Easy and fast cooling of our whole bread range

Bakery Klootwijk in the Netherlands has been testing our standard low cost vacuum cooler extensively: Jan Verweijs, production manager:

“It is absolutely amazing to see we can cool all our bread within only a few minutes, with a standard bread vacuum cooler, without any refrigeration system. We see the system working perfectly for all standard bread types and for all kind of (apple) cake. We’ve even tested “Dutch Doughnuts” and see that we can achieve a top quality texture here.” .

See our video’s for some test results.

Vacuum cooling cup cakes

Vacuum cooling cup cakes

Cup- and funcakes are being cooled in seconds

With a leading Dutch integrator of bakery solutions for cup- and funcakes we’ve done tests in one of our small demo vacuum machines. The customer was amazed by the performance, and made an extensive report.
The conclusions summarized: “We’ve tested pound cakes, muffins, cup & chiffon cakes, brownies & fun cakes. We’ve seen that the crust initially gets harder, but after 24 hours it’s back to normal again.

We see reduced bacteria growth, which can have a positive effect on shelf life. Plus improved product structure in many cases. Cooling times can be reduced by 97% (!) from on average of 45 minutes down to less than 90 seconds”


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