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You can reduce your cooling time by up to 80%.

Normally blast freezers are used to cool down the ready-made food in industrial kitchens. They need up to 2 hours to cool down your food, and can influence the quality the cooled food. With vacuum cooling you can reduce the cooling time by up to 80%, save on space & cooling energy costs, and preserve your food quality and optimize your storage and shelf life.

Bacteria growth is minimized ! Bacteria like temperatures between 30 – 50 °C. With normal cooling, food can stay within this temperature range for over an hour or longer, creating their perfect growth environment! With vacuum cooling, it only takes minutes to pass this critical temperature range, thus reducing bacteria growth to a minimum.

Kitchen 1
Reducing waste, preserving quality – Almost all herbs can be cooled with vacuum
Kitchen 2
Extended storage and shipping – No browning of cutting surface
Kitchen 3
Extremely fast cooling possible - Same day delivery & optimized shelf life


Vacuum cooking

Case Shanghai

No more production bottle necks & temperature issues

Shanghai nr. 1 airline food producer is growing fast!

“It was no more possible to cool all our cooked food in our 5 blast chillers, and did not have the space to expand. By replacing the 5th chiller for a 3 trolley vacuum cooler from Weber we’ve been able to double our cooling capacity, as our cooling time could be reduced from 2 – 4 hours to 20 – 30 minutes”, the production manager states.

“With the vacuum cooler there is no more risk of people taking out the products before cooling is done correctly. And as the vacuum cooler is extremely energy efficient, we can do the double production without any significant increase in the power needed for the cooling”..


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