vacuum cooling delicate vegs

Fast cooling of delicate produce

Cooling down to 2 °C in aprox. 20 minutes !

High respiration & transpiration rates at harvesting temperatures can have a negative influence on your yield, storage time & shelf life. The more delicate your produce, the faster you want to cool your produce. For products like berries, beans, tender-stem broccoli and mushrooms, quick & thorough vacuum cooling can offer you many benefits!

The sooner and faster you cool, the better: The more delicate your produce, the more you benefit from fast cooling. Especially for produce harvested by hand in the fields (most often far removed from the packing house) we’ve developed a special mobile “field cooling” system. Combined with special thermal covers, this can keep your produce cool, and can reduce your waste from sometimes > 50% to almost zero!

Vacuum Cooling of:



The less compact, the faster it cools – Perfect for fresh & canned produce


Long time to processing often results in high waste – Field vacuum cooling can help


Extremely easy to cool down fast & uniformly – Preserving taste and crispy bite
Soft fruit & Berries

Soft fruit & Berries

Not the easiest to cool, but worthwhile – Gentle cooling gives best results
Bimi / Broccolini / Tender stem Broccoli

Bimi / Broccolini / Tender stem Broccoli

Quality preservation due to fast reduction of respiration & transpiration


Case vacuum cooled mushrooms

Case Mushrooms

Fast cooling strongly reduce browning of mushrooms

The faster mushrooms are cooled after harvesting, the lower the reject percentage. With conventional cooling, the perfect storage temperature of 2 – 4 C is being reached after 8 – 10 hours. With vacuum cooling, this process can be shortened to 15 – 30 minutes!

“Even when they are packed in crates and put on pallets our mushrooms cool fast and homogenous”, states one of our customers in France.
“We see that our vacuum cooled mushrooms are significantly better with regard to colour than conventionally cooled!”.

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Vacuum cooling beans

Case Green Beans

Extreme waste reduction for hand plucked crops

In Eastern Africa many crops like beans & tender stem broccoli are harvested by hand, and put on a trailer after weighing of each individual box.

.”On arrival at the farm – often hours later – it is not uncommon that >50% of the harvested crop can be thrown away”, states Hans Juursema of Weber Cooling.


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Leafy vegetables & herbs
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Delicate produce
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