vacuum cooling vegetables

Pre cooling of Vegetables, fruits & fresh produce benefit from fast & uniform cooling.

Vacuum cooling is the perfect solution for all leafy vegetables, many compact vegetables, all kinds of delicate produce and even turf & compost. And much more efficient than traditional cooling methods!


Leafy vegetables & herbsLeafy vegetables & herbs

Leafy vegetables & herbs

Compact vegetablesCompact vegetables

Compact vegetables

Delicate produceDelicate produce

Delicate produce

Turf & compostTurf & compost

Turf & compost


Pre cooling of vegetables offers you:

  • The quickest cooling possible
  • The most homogenous cooling results
  • The longest possible shelf-life
  • Minimal energy costs & space requirements

With vacuum cooling you can:

  • Preserve your produce quality, which you can use to optimize your market position.
  • Increase your shelf life, resulting in less rejects & complaints, thus less cost and loss.
  • Increase your storage life, giving you more sales flexibility & season prolongation.
  • Offer same-day delivery, reducing your logistic needs, and adding extra sales arguments.


See all our videos about vegetable cooling on Vimeo.

For pre cooling of fruits, vegetables & fresh produce we offer:

A wide range of vacuum cooling solutions, from mobile field systems with which you can cool crates with delicate produce within 15 minutes after (hand) plucking up to high-end and tailor made solutions fitting your specific requirements.

Our core competence lies in our range of standardized range of vacuum coolers designed to handle all standard pallet, from 1 to 12 pallets per load. Our standard range offers unparalleled value for money, and can be more or less tailored to your needs thanks to our modular technology.

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