Weber Cooling is THE leader in the field of
rapid vacuum pre cooling systems.



Weber Cooling offers a range of premium quality solutions for vacuum cooling and cold chain management, using state-of-the art refrigeration technology and the latest environmental friendly refrigerants.

Together with a world-wide supplier network we are leading in vacuum cooling technology, and are able to supply full cold-chain solutions for vegetables, flowers and other produce, and for food & bakery applications.

Our goal is to help you with quality preservation of your fresh produce & hot food production. Maximizing your product yield & quality, and your profitability.

And that is why we feel we ARE vacuum cooling!

Looking for the best vacuum cooler?
Take a look in our catalog.

Why you want to choose Weber Vacuum Cooling:

  • We live & breathe vacuum cooling and have an unparalleled testing facility, including a 0,1 m3 plexiglas testing cube and 5 (!) dedicated demo machines, which can also be rented out:
    combined with over 500 machines sold worldwide (together with our dedicated production partners), no one has a wider expertise!

  • Our vacuum cooling systems are being built by a group of premium manufacturers, using top quality components & leading edge technology. We have THE largest production capacity worldwide, and offer the overall best value for money.

  • With our standardized range we can offer proven technology at the lowest possible cost. If you need a tailored solution, we also can quickly build systems to specification, based on our modular technology!

  • Only Weber can offer a vast and growing international network of service & sales partners, guaranteeing you maximum support throughout the product life time.
    As of 2017 we can offer 24/7 support in combination with a pro-active maintenance & service contract!
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