8 Pallets cooled within 25 minutes

8 Pallets cooled within 25 minutes

Holex Flower installs Weber Cooling vacuum cooler

Eight pallets back within 25 minutes

Vacuum cooling is a modern, fast and efficient way of cooling that has been on the rise in the vegetable and flower sector for some time now. Holex has also discovered the technology and has just installed a large Weber Cooling unit. With the machine below up to 8 pallets can be cooled back within 25 minutes to values between 1 and 4 degrees.

Director Paul Hoogenboom: "Holex Flower is rapidly expanding into faraway markets, which entails all kinds of logistical challenges.With this new vacuum cooler, we are even better able to guarantee the quality of the flowers over longer distances."

Article: Bloemen Planten Nieuws

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