Case vacuum cooling gluten-free bread

Case vacuum cooling gluten-free bread

Dutch bakery of gluten-free bread Wiltink believes Weber is the ideal partner to increase productivity with vacuum cooling.

Wiltink Bakery in the Netherlands is the producer of YAM gluten-free bread.

The ideal partner for our gluten free bakery

“With our new high-end but affordable vacuum cooling system of Weber, we can cut and pack our bread at the same day thanks to the ultra-fast pre-cooling” , says Govert Jan Wiltink, the production manager.
“Thanks to the vacuum cooler, we can also achieve better texture & taste, a more crispy crust and a longer shelf life. We are also able to increase our production by around 40% using the same ovens, as we can reduce baking times by up to 30 minutes!” .

See our video for the full story.

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