Case vacuum cooling in sushi restaurant

Case vacuum cooling in sushi restaurant

In sushi restaurants vacuum coolers can be applied to cool both cooked rice and ready sushies.

Only advantages for our sushi restaurant

“With our new vacuum cooler from Weber we can cool the ready cooked sushi rice to the perfect forming temperature within minutes. We call it 'vacuum cooking'. Plus we can easily cool our finished Nigiri, Hosomaki, Fotomaki, Uramaki and Temaki to the perfect storage temperature same day, where we used to cool down during the night, which was more critical with respect to food safety”, a restaurant owner tells us.

vacuum cooling in sushi restaurant

“Plus an advantage is that our fillings are not cooled extra, as with vacuum we cool the hotter rice first to the same level as the filling! This adds to the freshness preservation of the finished product”.

Our vacuum coolers are also the perfect solution for caterers, solving the issue of the often too long cooling time!

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