New innovations of Pre-Cooling of food with the Vacuum cooling technology ensures high quality of the final product.

Vacuum cooling to cool hot food provides significant benefits.

Vacuum Cooling of food has long been used but has only recently started gaining popularity quickly. This is understandable, because vacuum cooling to cool hot food provides significant benefits. The rapid cooling of the food within 6-30 minutes from 100 °C to <20 °C ensures that bacteria growth is virtually prevented during cooling, so the quality is guaranteed and the shelf life is extended.
The cooling is extremely homogenous, and the core of the product cools almost as quickly as the outside. The desired final temperature is adjustable via pressure control exactly!

Save on energy costs and reduce the use of conventional refrigerants

For many applications, cooling without making use of conventional refrigeration is absolutely possible! These systems are virtually maintenance free and do hardly require inspection.
The energy costs of vacuum cooling technology amounts to about 1/3 of that of a conventional cooling, and also the required space, ca 3 m2 for the cooling of 10 tons/day, is minimal.

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Vacuum Cooling for Food Applications

Vacuum cooling for food is “hot” in Asia, and also finds a growing interest in Europe, thanks to the specific advantages that vacuum cooling offers;

  • Speed: from 100 ℃ to 10 ℃ within 6 - 30 minutes, where it normally would take 6 hours or more
  • Homogenous: On the inner side the same temperature as the outside, rather than outside more cool!
  • Easy temperature control: to regulate very precisely by pressure
  • Regardless of the quantity and packing: As long as open, (almost) everything will cool back quickly
  • No "impurities": The food is cooled in a stainless steel chamber without outside contact
  • Quick temperature reduction: Bacteria do not get time to grow!
  • Low energy cost: Approximately only 1/3 of freezing house!
  • Minimum space requirements. On 3 m2 can be processed up to 10 tons / day!


Food Vacuum Cooling Vce 200
Food Vacuum Cooling Vch 200m
Food Vacuum Cooling Vch 300

High performance vacuum coolers for food.

Weber Cooling offers high performance vacuum cooler for food which are produced according to the CE specifications. With nearly 500 produced systems (for all varieties of food) we can offer you an incomparable experience, and a very wide range of products. Compared to other suppliers, we offer substantially lower prices, but can guarantee top performance.

Our standard assortment comprises:

  • Vacuum cooler for 100, 200, 300, or 400 kg of produce (with vacuum room from 0.5 to 2.0 m3)
  • Cooling systems optimized for cooling down to 25 C, 18 ° C or to < 10 ° C (three different model ranges)
  • Stainless steel housing, with 1 or 2 doors, in various designs, with integrated or separate cooling skids
  • All systems are produced according to the CE standards and supplied with:
  • Stainless steel housing with hand polished interior for
  • German brand vacuum pumps, full stainless steel cooling system
  • Integrated pressure control system (including “re-vent”) for optimal process control and splash reduction
  • Siemens PLC-control & Schneider electrical components.
  • Manual control option
  • Crypo-guard operation control with different hierarchy levels
  • Both standard & custom made design.
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