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Designed by us and produced by a selected group of top quality and leading producers (with a production capacity of > 100 systems per year). We offer unparalleled value for money and combine this with an unwavering effort to satisfy our customers and to exceed their expectations. Weber Vacuum Cooling deliveres the best vacuum coolers which are a state-of-the-art range of modular built, high speed but energy efficient systems.

Our vacuum cooling systems for vegetables, herbs, fruits, turf and fresh flowers

Weber Field

Our compact & mobile solution for direct cooling of your hand plucked perishables (like beans, brocollini & strawberries) in the field.

Weber One

Ultra high-speed vacuum cooler for single pallets (all sizes fit). Cools effectively up to 3 (!) pallets per hour. Vacuum cooler suitable for fresh vegetables, flowers and more.

Weber Compact

Flexible & compact front-loaded vacuum cooler for up to 3 Euro pallets. Integrated sliding door for easy loading.

Weber Next Gen Solutions

Pre-cooling with the Next Gen is the future standard in vacuum cooling.

Weber Ultimate Series

We have a standard design for one or two P6P pallets, with one or two doors.

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