Hydronic cooling

Hydronic cooling is the most efficient way of cooling for vacuum technology, using the lowest amounts of refrigerant.

We standardize on the NRB range of Aermec. Using the the most energy efficient technology (TIER 3), micro-channel solutions (minimizing the amount of refrigerant) and the ECO-friendly R410a refrigerant, the NRB series combines low investment with high performance. Where needed for local legislation (part of Scandinavia, dependent on application) we can offer systems where the amount of refrigerant is < 10 kg per circuit. Both i the smaller & higher capacity range (Aermec NRV-series).

With Hydronic cooling you can save energy

Using Free Cooling options, we can reduce the energy consumption of your system.

Using Heat recovery, you can re-use the free coming energy for heating purposes.

Both options are commercially attractive for vacuum coolers operating year-round, partially at lower outside temperatures. The larger the cooling capacity, the shorter the pay-back time.

We offer next level vacuum cooling solutions

Aermec chillers using XP-10 are the optimal solution here for fresh produce vacuum coolers. The larger the capacity, the lower the additional cost. We advise these solutions as of 200 kW cooling capacity (around 6 – 8 standard pallet coolers)

ZERO GWP vacuum cooling solutions can also be supplied

In cooperation with three leading suppliers of Hydronic cooling, we offer full furture-proof vacuum cooling solutions which are using (almost) zero GWP refrigerants!
  • R718 (Water): The latest & most innovative cooling system! Now available for small food & bakery coolers, we offer the brand new eChiller, using water (!) as refrigerant and vacuum (!) as the cooling technique. These unique and innovative chillers offer unparalleled energy efficiency, up to 4 times higher compared to standard chiller solutions! Brand new in the market – this technology is expected to set completely new standards.
  • R290 (Propane):For small to medium sized cooling capacities (up to 250 kW cooling capacity), propane chillers offer good value for money. Choosing the right brand will ensure you a safe operation. We work with German RanSta chillers from TEKO
  • R717 (Ammonia): For medium to larger size cooling capacities (as of 100 kW cooling capacity) we offer the MINI and MAGNUM chillers from Frigus (DK). Simpicity, safety, energy efficiency and minimum refrigerant load are the valued characteristics of these chiller ranges. Requiring more installation and a higher base cost, these chillers will be cost effective as of around 200 kW at seasonal usage. When used year round, also lower capacities can save substantially on energy costs.
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