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European Baker & Biscuit, eCopy January - February 2019

Find answers on the following questions:

  • Vacuum cooling technology is not new. Why has it found applications in the bakery industry only recently?
  • What are some of the most obvious benefits of using vacuum cooling, referring strictly to the product qualities? And what types of products is it best suited for?
  • What is your customer profile and what are some of the most common demands you get from clients regarding equipment capacity and customization? Who makes up the majority of your clients?
  • From a business perspective, what are the main advantages of using this technology in a bakery, and what would you say would be its main selling point? Please illustrate referring to energy efficiency, overall productivity, time management, etc.
  • How has the market demand for vacuum cooling equipment evolved in recent years and what are the possible drivers of this evolution?
  • How do you minimize down-time and necessary maintenance while ensuring rapid product changeover and productivity?
  • What are some of the possible unwanted side-effects of this process (e.g. surface cracks) and how do you overcome these challenges?
  • What are the various degrees of automation that come with your products? And what are the trade-offs between the variations
  • What steps and innovations have you implemented to ensure equipment hygiene and food safety? 
  • What solutions do you offer customers who want to integrate your equipment with existing production lines? 
  • What features do you think will play a key part in the future design of this technology and where do you see it in the long run? 
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