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The Process of Vacuum Cooling

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Vacuum cooling for Bread & Bakery
Vacuum cooling for Bread & Bakery
Vacuum cooling for Food & Kitchen
Vacuum cooling for Food & Kitchen
Vacuum cooling for Sushi & Rice
Vacuum cooling for Sushi & Rice
Vacuum cooling for Vegetables & Herbs
Vacuum cooling for Vegetables & Herbs
Vacuum cooling for Flowers & Cold Chain Management
Vacuum cooling for Flowers & Cold Chain Management
Vacuum cooling for Turf & Compost
Vacuum cooling for Turf & Compost

Vacuum Cooling - A unique cooling technique

Vacuum cooling is a pre-cooling method where the produce is cooled down by the evaporation of moisture from inside the product itself. This process takes away energy in the form of heat from the product, which ensures rapid cooling, normally within 15 – 30 minutes for most products. The quick and uniform cooling (the surface and core of the product reach exact the same temperature after vacuum cooling!) results in a substantially longer shelf life of your produce. At the same time you can save on energy costs, as the vacuum cooling process is much more (cost) effective than traditional cooling technologies.

For products with a “high surface to weight” ratio like leafy salads, spinach, mushrooms, sprouts and flowers, vacuum pre-cooling is perfectly suited. But also other (more compact) produce like beans, broccoli, celery and sweetcorn, and perishable products like mushrooms can quickly and efficiently be pre-cooled by using vacuum.

Vacuum cooling | lettuce

vacuum cooling | rice

Vacuum cooling | Bread

Why choose Weber Cooling

Weber Cooling offers a range of premium quality solutions for vacuum cooling and cold chain management, using state-of-the art refrigeration technology and the latest environmental friendly refrigerants. Together with a world-wide supplier network, we are leading in vacuum cooling technology and are able to supply full cold-chain solutions for cold and hot applications.


Our vacuum cooling systems are being built by a group of premium manufacturers, using top quality components & leading edge technology. We have the largest production capacity worldwide and offer the overall best value for money.

Modular Technology

With our standardized range we can offer proven technology at the lowest possible cost. If you need a tailor-made solution, we can also build systems to specification, based on our modular technology!


Only Weber Cooling can offer a vast and growing international network of service & sales partners, guaranteeing you maximum support throughout the product life time. As of 2017 we offer 24/7 support in combination with a pro-active maintenance & service contract!


We live & breathe vacuum cooling and have an unparalleled testing facility, including a plexiglas testing cube and a wide range of dedicated demo machines. Rental of our systems is also possible. Combined with over 500 machines sold worldwide, no other provider has a wider expertise!

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