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Vacuum Coolers for Sushi & Rice

Ultra Fast | Uniform Cooling | Optimized Taste & Bite

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Vacuum cooling for Bread & Bakery
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Vacuum cooling for Food & Kitchen
Vacuum cooling for Sushi & Rice
Vacuum cooling for Sushi & Rice
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Market leader in Sushi cooling

Weber Cooling is the world market leader in vacuum cooling. This is our profession. Together with the largest sushi suppliers in Europe and Asia, we have developed a special range of vacuum coolers for this market, both for cooling sushi rice and sushi rolls.

No one can beat us on cost. We have the knowledge, the scale and the most cost-efficient locations. We have a 100% focus on vacuum cooling - making us the world market leader. No one has more knowledge and provides better support!

A better, sweeter taste & superior bite

With vacuum you can cool rice or sushi within a few minutes, without drying the skin or opening the surface. In addition, vacuum cooling results in a sweeter taste and richer bite.

With vacuum you cool rice by "cooking it cold" in our vacuum chamber:
The pressure in the chamber is continuously reduced, lowering the boiling point of water and forcing water in the rice to boil. The energy (= heat) is drawn from the rice, causing it to cool. The husk will not dry out during cooling, the rice grains will grow slightly larger and have a more open surface texture due to the vacuum continuously pulling on each individual grain. The result is a sweeter taste and a better bite!

Shelf life of Sushi

Due to the rapid cooling with vacuum you can let sushi rice cool down to the desired 30 - 35 ⁰C in just a few minutes, leaving bacteria no time to multiply. Then you can quickly cool the finished sushi to the desired storage temperature. This way you add extra shelf life to your product, without compromising on the taste or structure.

We have supplied vacuum coolers to leading (sushi) rice producers in Europe, who first vacuum cool the rice with our vacuum cooler as a preparation for sushi production and then - once the sushi has been formed - vacuum cool again to maximize its shelf life. With vacuum you get a sweeter taste, richer structure and the best bite.

Practical examples

  • One of the biggest Britisch supermarket chains uses both the Weber BaseCool and Weber DeepCool to cool her sushi products. The first cooling step is realized within 5 minutes, the 2nd step they reach within 10 minutes. They experience fantastic results on quality and shelf life.

  • A leading British restaurant chain uses our OptiCool to chill their rice products, which are chilled to the desired temperature in about 15 minutes.

  • One of the leading Nigiri suppliers from Germany uses our BaseCool to pre-cool their rice, optimize the production process and maximize shelf life.

Cool sushi & rice very quickly without drying the skin or opening the surface
and enjoy a sweeter taste & richer bite.

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