Vacuum Coolers for Sushi & Rice

Ultra Fast | Uniform Cooling | Optimized Taste & Bite
A better (sweeter) taste and superior bite
will be your reward when vacuum cooling (Sushi) rice. With vacuum you cool within minutes. Without drying out the skin, opening its surface, resulting in a sweeter taste & richer bite.
With vacuum you cool down the rice by “cooking it cold” in a vacuum room: The pressure in the room is reduced continuously, thus reducing the boiling point of water, forcing the water in the rice to cook. The boiling energy is taken from the rice; as an effect, the rice gets colder. The skin will not dry out during cooling, and all rice grains will get slightly larger and a more open surface structure due to the vacuum which continuously pulls at each individual grain. Resulting in the sweeter taste & better bite!

Increasing the shelf life of Sushi

Is being realized by the fast cooling with vacuum; you can cool the sushi rice down to the desired 30 – 35 ⁰C within only minutes, thus giving bacteria no time to multiply. You can also rapidly cool down the finished sushi after cooling – down to the preferred storage temperature. Adding additional shelf life, without compromising taste & structure of your sushi.
Cooling curve sushi rice

For Sushi & Rice

We’ve supplied many vacuum coolers for leading (sushi( rice production in Europe! With our vacuum cooler, we both cool the rice after cooking – to prepare for production, and for cooling down the sushi after forming – to maximize storage life. Only with vacuum you will get the sweeter taste, richer structure and best bite experience. Some of our customers:

Marks & Spencer

Is using both our Weber BaseCool and DeepCool systems to cool their Sushi products. First stage cooling is realized within 5 minutes, second stage cooling is easily done within 10 minutes. With fantastic results on quality and shelf life.


Is a leading UK restaurant chain using our OptiCool systems for cooling their rice products – fast and efficient. Rice is cooled to storage temperatures in around 15 minutes


In Germany is one of the leading Nigiri suppliers using our BaseCool solution for pre-cooling their rice, optimizing their production process and maximizing their shelf life.

Weber Vacuum Coolers for Food & Kitchen

A dedicated range of vacuum coolers has been designed to cool hot food.

WeFood BaseCool

The perfect solution to pre-cool food down from high temperatures to around 30 – 35 ⁰C. Fast and efficient, using minimal energy, requiring minimal space and investment. No external cooling system is needed, and no cooling refrigerant. Minimizing also the maintenance costs.

WeFood DeepCool

The perfect solution for cooling down food from medium temperatures to storage temperatures. By using a hydronic cooling system, the amount of refrigerant needed is minimized, as well as the electrical power needed for cooling

WeFood OptiCool

Combines two cooling technologies (minimizing energy consumption and maximizing cooling speed) is the perfect choice for cooling down large quantities of rice after cooking, down to storage temperature.

WeFood Multi-Room

For optimized logistics and flexiblity, and minimized cooling power needed, we can combine the DeepCool and OptiCool solutions in multi-room configurations!

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