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Vacuum Baking Experience Centre

A revolution for your bakery

Vacuum cooling for Bread & Bakery
Vacuum cooling for Bread & Bakery
Vacuum cooling for Food & Kitchen
Vacuum cooling for Food & Kitchen
Vacuum cooling for Sushi & Rice
Vacuum cooling for Sushi & Rice
Vacuum cooling for Vegetables & Herbs
Vacuum cooling for Vegetables & Herbs
Vacuum cooling for Flowers & Cold Chain Management
Vacuum cooling for Flowers & Cold Chain Management
Vacuum cooling for Turf & Compost
Vacuum cooling for Turf & Compost

Experience what vacuum baking can do for you!

Who shares can multiply. Bakkerij Wiltink & Weber Cooling have established a partnership with this in mind. On the one hand for mutual R&D and on the other hand to give customers the opportunity to test their own recipes. After all, a lot of expertise, testing and time is required to achieve optimal results; a vacuum cooler is not plug & play. Nevertheless, we are fully convinced of vacuum cooling and have therefore opened an experience center with a special demo vacuum cooler for product development.

In our Vacuum Baking Experience Center you can bake and vacuum cool your own recipes, to experience how vacuum enables a productivity and quality increase for your bakery products. Our experienced vacuum baking specialist will work with you to determine the optimal test program. At the end of the day, you have seen with your own eyes what quality improvements and productivity gains you can achieve!

Vacuum Cooling
will convince you

Due to the great influence of vacuum cooling on your baking process, we like to show potential customers how vacuum cooling works in practice with their own products. In our experience centers we can provide you, together with our Master Vacuum Baker, with all the necessary knowledge and support. It takes a lot of testing and adjustment to ultimately achieve the perfect result, but seeing is believing what vacuum cooling can mean for your products.

Improve the quality of your baking products

Your product gets more volume, is more tender and has a longer shelf life. You also save energy and therefore costs.

The quality benefits are best visible for gluten-free products. By using vacuum cooling, gluten-free bread can be produced with a completely similar structure to "standard" bread.

Test your recipe around the world

In our Vacuum Baking Experience Centers in the Netherlands and Japan you can test all your recipes and experience the benefits that vacuum brings to your products. We also have a large-scale bakery (Bäckerei Gehr - Tübingen), where we can make the entire bakery with rotary and floor ovens available for testing. After your visit you will understand what we mean by "vacuum cooling becomes part of your baking process"!

Vacuum Baking Test Results


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