Vacuum cooling of Bread & Bakery

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Affordable vacuum coolers for bakery applications
Are made by us! We provide high end bakery vacuum cooling solutions – at attractive costs. We combine highest value for money with premium support and unparalleled experience.

There is a hand full of bakery suppliers offering vacuum cooling – but at very high costs. Weber Cooling is the ONLY dedicated vacuum cooling supplier with a special range of bread vacuum coolers. Thanks to our agile organization, our world leading vacuum baking experience centers (both in Europe and Asia) and our scale of operation (we produce by far the most vacuum coolers in the world) we can provide cutting edge vacuum cooling solutions for bakery – at affordable costs! And we support you during the implementation process, with our Vacuum Baking Masters. Weber Cooling is the LEADER in Vacuum Baking Technology!

Vacuum coolers for bread

With vacuum cooling of bread , you bake your bread cold!

You will transfer the final stage of baking process to the vacuum cooler: In the oven you will form your bread, in the vacuum room you will stabilize it. This bring you many quality advantages besides faster cooling: You will
  • get more stability in shape, an increased product volume and a more equal and softer texture
  • Improve your crust and the overall product crispness
  • prolong shelf life and reduce reject rate thanks to minimized bacteria growth
Your economic advantages lie in substantial higher productivity | energy saving | space reduction | reduced overall investment costs.
Result of vacuum cooled bread

A vacuum cooling system for bread will become an integral part of your baking process

Therefore, you will have to (re)evaluate your whole baking process to ensure maximum results. From your recipes, through your mixing process, to your proofing time and your baking time & conditions. The results you can achieve will be rewarding, realizing quality & productivity increases no other system can give you.
Vacuum cooling of bread

Weber Cooling
will assist you

To use your vacuum cooler to the max. As a first step, we invite you to our vacuum baking experience center, where you can see for yourself the advantages vacuum can bring you, for your recipes. As a second step a (research) vacuum cooler can be brought to your bakery for final testing. After installing (a) vacuum system(s) at your bakery, our bakery master will help you optimizing your workflow, and will teach you all the ins and outs regarding vacuum baking.
Bread & bakery vacuum coolers

We make vacuum cooling affordable

Contrary to the other suppliers of bakery machines that also build vacuum coolers, Weber Cooling is a 100% supplier of vacuum coolers, who has developed a range of solutions for bakeries. Thanks to our economies of scale (we produce more vacuum coolers than all the other bakery suppliers combined), our intelligent design (we’ve build hundreds of vacuum coolers and know all there is to know here) and our ambition to learn fast about bakery (we’ve opened our own Vacuum Baking Experience Center) we’ve been able to develop a range of bread vacuum coolers suitable for all bakery applications, at a dramatically lower cost level.

Benefits of a vacuum cooling system for bread

Buns, French and Viennois products can be cooled very easily

In many cases you only need to cool down to 50 - 60 ⁰C (within 2 – 3 minutes) to get the best results! Here our WeBake ECO vacuum cooler is a no-nonsense, cost effective and energy saving solution!

Vacuum Cooling does miracles for Gluten Free bread

Here the advantages on quality & shelf life are maximized! With vacuum, you’re able to bake bread with the structure and consistency of normal bread. Plus, you will be able to extend shelf-life by days. Gluten Free bakeries switching over to vacuum cooling have seen their sales volume doubled (or more) within only a short time! Also, here the WeBake POWER vacuum cooler is the right choice to cool!

Vacuum cooling will also work perfectly for cookies & toast bread
Here you can reduce extra free moisture by keeping your baking times and adding vacuum cooling. We’re in the process of testing here, to calculate the total cost savings that can be
realized here.
For pre-baked bread vacuum is also beneficial
As a substantial higher productivity can be achieved, combined with prolonged shelf life, improved structure & taste. The only issue is the potential flaking of the crust; the vacuum baking conditions will have to be optimized to minimize this effect.
Vacuum cooling solution for more challenging baking products are available
Cakes & muffins, cup- and fun-cakes and bread with high rye, wheat & water content require a specific pressure/cooling curve, sometimes using re-breathing technology. Our WeBake POWER vacuum cooler is designed to provide the perfect conditions for all these bakery products.

Affordable Vacuum Coolers for Bakery Applications

WeBake ECO vacuum cooler

WeBake ECO

Lowest cost & energy requirements
The ECO model uses refrigerant-free cooling technology: We cool – with water! With strong vacuum, it gives perfect results for croissant, (crispy) buns and baguettes.
WeBake POWER vacuum cooler


Maximum control & performance
The POWER model can cool (almost) all bakery products. With perfect control of the cooling cycle. Resulting in perfect products, cooled within minutes.
WeBake Multi-Room vacuum cooler

WeBake Multi-Room

Flexible, scalable, affordable
Our POWER system can be scaled up to a multi-room solution with central cooling. For maximum flexibility and optimized logistics, at minimized costs.
Vacuum baking experience center

Experience Center!

Experience Vacuum Baking
Visit our experience center. Here you can test the impact that vacuum cooling can have – on your recipes!

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