Vacuum cooling for Bread & Bakery

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Vacuum cooling for Bread & Bakery
Vacuum cooling for Bread & Bakery
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Vacuum cooling for Food & Kitchen
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Vacuum cooling for Sushi & Rice
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Vacuum cooling for Vegetables & Herbs
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Affordable vacuum coolers for bakery applications

Weber Cooling is the world market leader in vacuum cooling. This is our profession. Together with master bakers in Europe and Asia, and supported by an extensive research network and partners in the bakery world, we have developed an affordable range of vacuum coolers for the bakery world.

No one can offer more competitive prices. We have the knowledge, the scale and the most cost-efficient locations. We focus 100% on vacuum cooling - this has made us the world market leader. No one has more knowledge about bakery applications - and no one provides better support!

Vacuum cooling = Vacuum baking

You will transfer the final stage of baking process to the vacuum cooler: In the oven you will form your bread, in the vacuum room you will stabilize it. This bring you many quality advantages besides faster cooling: You will
  • get more stability in shape, an increased product volume and a more equal and softer texture,
  • improve your crust and the overall product crispness,
  • prolong shelf life and reduce reject rates thanks to minimized bacteria growth
Your economic advantages lie in substantial higher productivity, energy saving, space reduction & reduced overall investment costs.

Benefits for Bread & Bakery

As described above, much of your baking time is transferred from the oven to the vacuum cooler. In the oven you shape your bread and in the vacuum chamber it is stabilized. Your economic benefits lie in substantially higher productivity, energy savings, space reduction and lower total investment costs. In addition, our technology ensures true quality improvement:

  +   Your bread will be more tender and will have a crispy crust that will stay crispy longer.
  +   Thanks to minimal bacterial growth, the shelf life is extended and loss is reduced.
  +   The bread gets an increased product volume, more stability in shape and a softer,
      more equal structure.

Expertise in the field of vacuum baking

Our European Vacuum Baking Experience Center is located in the Netherlands and was made possible in part by Bakkerij Wiltink - Bake 5 Group. We have a fully equipped demo bakery and a master vacuum baker here, specializing in gluten-free products.

Our Asian Vacuum Baking Experience Center is located in Japan (Pacific Yoko, Tokyo). Here too we have a fully equipped demo bakery at our disposal, and a master vacuum baker on site for support.

In Germany we have a large-scale bakery (Bäckerei Gehr - Tübingen) where we can make the entire bakery (with rotary and floor ovens) available for testing.

NO OTHER SUPPLIER offers this service anywhere in the world.

WeBake Power    Affordable - Versatile - Powerful
The WeBake Power series is our top model for the bakery world and our standard for the European market. An intelligent combination of vacuum and cooling technology enables the perfect cooling curve - for all types of bread - and guarantees the shortest cooling times. This means that one vacuum chamber can be combined with five ovens, while a three-chamber vacuum cooler can serve up to fifteen ovens!

Our unique control makes it possible to cool almost all types of bread, to any desired temperature. Thanks to the advanced control system used in the Power model, we recommend this type for the most difficult bread types, such as gluten-free bread or bread with a high wheat or rye content.

The Power series also offers the lowest energy costs. We can achieve this through an extremely efficient combination of vacuum and cooling. Cooling that in many cases extracts the required cooling energy from the outside air; this allows the cooling energy for one standard cart to be reduced to about 0.5 kWh! This is a fraction of the energy costs that are saved thanks to the shorter cooling times.

Weber Cooling builds standard systems for single and double carts, multiple rooms can be combined with one central cooling system. Customized solutions are of course also available. The investment in one room starts from approximately € 75,000. We also provide full support during implementation in your bakery. Options such as extended warranty (up to 10 years) and repurchase warranty (if vacuum does not work perfectly for you) are among the options.

Product specific benefits

  • Buns & Viennois

    Buns, French and Viennois products can be cooled very easily. In many cases you only need to cool to 50 - 60 ⁰C (within 2 - 3 minutes) to get the best results! Here our WeBake ECO vacuum cooler is a no-nonsense, cost-saving and energy-saving solution!
  • Glutenfree Products

    Here the benefits in terms of quality and shelf life are maximized! With vacuum you can bake bread with the structure and density of normal bread. You can also extend the shelf life by days. In gluten-free bakeries that have switched to vacuum cooling, the sales volume has doubled (or more) in a short time! The WeBake POWER vacuum cooler is also the right choice here!
  • Biscuits & Toast

    Vacuum cooling also works perfectly for biscuits and toast bread. Here you can reduce extra moisture for free by sticking to your baking times and adding vacuum cooling. We are actively testing to visualize the total cost savings.
  • Bake-off Bread

    Integrating vacuum when baking bake-off bread is also beneficial, as significantly higher productivity can be achieved, combined with a longer shelf life, improved structure and taste. The crust will be thin & perfect, giving an exceptional crispness!
  • Cake

    By applying vacuum cooling, you can achieve 40% shorter baking times and cooling in just 3 minutes! Additional benefits include less shrinkage - vacuum pulls the cake from the inside, giving it more volume - and a 10% decrease in ingredients used. In short: with vacuum baking you not only bake superior products, but you also enjoy financial benefits!
    Vacuum cooling gives you additional baking capacity for free and increases at the same time the quality and shelf life of your bread!

    Vacuum Cooling Rises Through the Ranks

    We wrote a special for WorldBakers about what vacuum cooling can bring to bakeries. In short, the article explains that vacuum changes the way you bake, increases the quality and shelf life of your products and lowers your costs. Weber Cooling has made vacuum cooling affordable, supports bakeries through experience and testing centers, and provides world-time maintenance through a highly organized network of local partners.

    Weber Cooling helps with the implementation

    To use your vacuum cooler to the max. As a first step, we invite you to our Vacuum Baking Experience Center, where you can see for yourself the advantages vacuum can bring you, for your recipes. As a second step a (research) vacuum cooler can be brought to your bakery for final testing. After installing (a) vacuum system(s) at your bakery, our bakery master will help you optimizing your workflow, and will teach you all the ins and outs regarding vacuum baking.

    Vacuum cooling made affordable

    Contrary to the other suppliers of bakery machines that also build vacuum coolers, Weber Cooling is a 100% supplier of vacuum coolers, who has developed a range of solutions for bakeries. Thanks to our economies of scale (we produce more vacuum coolers than all the other bakery suppliers combined), our intelligent design (we’ve build hundreds of vacuum coolers and know all there is to know here) and our ambition to learn fast about bakery (we’ve opened our own Vacuum Baking Experience Center) we’ve been able to develop a range of bread vacuum coolers suitable for all bakery applications, at a dramatically lower cost level.

    We love quote requests!

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