gluten-free bread

Case vacuum cooling gluten-free bread

Dutch bakery of gluten-free bread Wiltink believes Weber is the ideal partner to increase productivity with vacuum cooling.

Wiltink Bakery in the Netherlands is the producer of YAM gluten-free bread.

The ideal partner for our gluten free bakery

“With our new high-end but affordable vacuum cooling system of Weber, we can cut and pack our bread at the same day thanks to the ultra-fast pre-cooling” , says Govert Jan Wiltink, the production manager.
“Thanks to the vacuum cooler, we can also achieve better texture & taste, a more crispy crust and a longer shelf life. We are also able to increase our production by around 40% using the same ovens, as we can reduce baking times by up to 30 minutes!” .

See our video for the full story.

Vacuum cooling of bread

Case vacuum cooling of bread at Klootwijk Bakery

Klootwijk Bakery can affordably vacuum cool their entire bread range easy and fast.

Easy and fast cooling of our whole bread range

Bakery Klootwijk in the Netherlands has been testing our standard low cost vacuum cooler extensively: Jan Verweijs, production manager:

“It is absolutely amazing to see we can cool all our bread within only a few minutes, with a standard bread vacuum cooler, without any refrigeration system. We see the system working perfectly for all standard bread types and for all kind of (apple) cake. We’ve even tested “Dutch Doughnuts” and see that we can achieve a top quality texture here.” .

See our video’s for some test results.
cup cakes

Case fast vacuum cooling of cup cakes

With a leading Dutch integrator of bakery solutions for cup- and funcakes we've done tests in one of our small demo vacuum machines. The customer was amazed by the performance, and made an extensive report.
The conclusions summarized: "We've tested pound cakes, muffins, cup and chiffon cakes, brownies and fun cakes. We've seen that the crust initially gets harder, but after 24 hours it's back to normal again."

"We see reduced bacteria growth, which can have a positive effect on shelf life. Plus improved product structure in many cases. Cooling times can be reduced by 97% (!) from on average of 45 minutes down to less than 90 seconds.".

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