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Your NUMBER ONE address for top quality, affordable vacuum coolers
Vacuum cooling for Bread & Bakery
Vacuum cooling for Bread & Bakery
Vacuum cooling for Food & Kitchen
Vacuum cooling for Food & Kitchen
Vacuum cooling for Sushi & Rice
Vacuum cooling for Sushi & Rice
Vacuum cooling for Vegetables & Herbs
Vacuum cooling for Vegetables & Herbs
Vacuum cooling for Flowers & Cold Chain Management
Vacuum cooling for Flowers & Cold Chain Management
Vacuum cooling for Turf & Compost
Vacuum cooling for Turf & Compost

We ARE vacuum cooling

Vacuum cooling is our focus; it's all we do. Almost 100 systems can be produced per year in our brand-new factory. Thanks to our intelligent "Dutch Design" and our economies of scale, we can offer market-leading quality at the lowest costs.

We are committed to developing and building the best solutions for vacuum cooling and offer premium support to our customers worldwide. Thanks to our unrivaled expertise and dedication, Weber Cooling has become the world leader in vacuum cooling.

Vacuum Cooling: How does it work?

Vacuum cooling is a unique way of cooling. Instead of using (forced) cold air or cold water to cool down your produce, with vacuum you use “evaporative energy” for cooling. By reducing the pressure inside the vacuum room, you force (a fraction of) the product’s own moisture to evaporate. This evaporation costs energy, which is taken from the produce in the form of a temperature reduction. If you want to understand in detail, you can read more about this below, or check out our video’s to the right.

Bottom line it works like a reverse-microwave: You cool all your produce, inside and out, in bulk or packed (the packing material needs to be perforated), completely uniform and ultra-fast!

Hydronic Cooling

Weber Cooling is the first supplier of vacuum cooling solutions that focuses entirely on hydronic technology. All high-quality cooling solutions no longer make use of "direct expansion" technology, but use a chiller-based solution. With the help of glycol water as a carrier of the refrigerant, various advantages can be realized:

+ Significant reduction in required refrigerants, with minimal risk of leakage
+ Highest cooling speeds with reduced cooling capacity, thanks to buffer technology
+ Energy saving for "warm" applications using freecooling.


Vacuum Cooling of Food

For bakery products vacuum works like magic, providing superior products & increasing production efficiency by up to 40%. Here vacuum cooling takes over a part of the actual baking process! Weber Cooling supplies dedicated vacuum cooling solutions for all relevant markets: Bread & Bakery, Food & Kitchen and Sushi & Rice.


Vacuum Cooling of Fresh Produce

Vegetables and herbs, flowers and products like turf and mushroom compost can be cooled by vacuum. After harvesting, all these products get in a stress-mode, resulting in high respiration (breathing) and transpiration (sweating). As an effect, sugars are burned, shelf life is lost and produce weight reduced. Quick pre-cooling by vacuum is the most effective cooling solution for many products, resulting in quality preservation, higher yield and longer shelf and storage life!

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Vacuum Cooling of Fresh Produce in the media

Ricardo Angel of La Corsaria:

“We use Weber Vacuum Cooling to extend shelf-life of our herbs”

Quality is even more important now

“When we use our normal refrigeration system, it takes anywhere between six and seven hours for the herbs to reach the desired temperature. With the Weber Cooling vacuum cooler, it only takes about 15 minutes. This means that we use our energy much more efficiently, which reduces operation costs. Additionally, we are able to buy ourselves a whole extra day of shelf-life because we don’t have to wait those hours for the herbs to cool down,” Angel shares.

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We ARE vacuum cooling
Worldwide leader in vacuum cooling solutions for fresh produce and food. Weber Cooling is part of Strade Consult BV.

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