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We build the fastest and most efficient vacuum coolers for vegetables and herbs. With modular technology, maximizing reliability, and minimizing your total Cost of Ownership.
Our modular technology allows us to manufacture quickly and cost-effectively, combining reliable high-performance components from leading suppliers to create the best vacuum coolers for lettuce (iceberg), all kinds of leafy vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and compact vegetables such as broccoli, celery and sweet corn Our standard product range includes solutions from one to 24 pallets. Custom-made solutions can be easily manufactured using our modular approach!
Pre cooling machine

Benefits of our pre cooling methods for
vegetables, herbs & micro herbs

Once harvested, all fresh gets into stress. This stress results in respiration (breathing) and transpiration (sweating). Both are mainly triggered by temperature. By quick pre cooling your fruits and vegetables both respiration & transpiration can be reduced with our vacuum coolers by 75% or more.
  • Optimal quality preservation and maximal shelf life & storage/travel time.
  • Thorough cooling, to the core, independent of density of the packing and the packing style
  • Lower workload for your cold room resulting in less temperature fluctuations
  • Added value towards (export) customers, thanks to higher & more constant quality.
  • Less waste, reject and claims; saving money, maximizing your reputation
  • Lower overall energy costs, as vacuum cooling is the most energy efficient cooling operation

Leafy vegetables
& herbs

Easy to cool very fast with vacuum technology, thanks to the high “surface to weight ratio”. If the chosen cooling capacity is high enough, the cooling cycle can be shorter than 20 minutes. Our standard design is based on a cycle
time of 15 – 30 minutes.
Vacuum cooling of iceberg lettuce
Cooling down leafy lettuce
herb cooling
Cooling of spinach and ruccola

Broccoli & other compact vegetables

Can be cooled down effectively in a vacuum cooler for vegetables, both in big bins, and in palletized boxes. With vacuum cooling, you can remove most of the field heat in normally 30 – 45 minutes and do the final cooling in the cold room. Substantial quality improvement & shelf life prolongation is confirmed by customers!
Vacuum cooling of Broccoli
Cooling down celery
Green Asparagus cooling
Cooling of sweet corn

Delicate Vegetables
& Micro Herbs

Have very high respiration & transpiration rates at harvesting temperatures which can have a negative influence on your yield, storage time & shelf life. The more delicate your produce, the faster you want to cool your produce. For products like micro herbs, beans, tender-stem broccoli and mushrooms, quick & thorough vacuum cooling can offer you many benefits!
Vacuum cooling of mushrooms
Cooling down bimi or broccolini
sprouts cooling
Cooling of micro herbs

Weber Vacuum Coolers for Vegetables & Herbs

We also offer Tailor Made Systems based on our standard range and Ultimate Solutions which are overwide and do not fit standard transportation containers.
Webercooling BaseOne


Fully standardized low cost AND ultra-fast cooler for one pallet. Efficient design, high performance,. Designed for minimal cost and foot print. Supplied in one version, with a manual hinged door.
Webercooling Compact cooler


Front-loaded systems with integrated sliding door. Designed for two pallets, placed side by side. One model for Euro pallets, one for Standard pallets. High speed, intelligent control.  


Full range of efficient, cost optimized and modular vacuum coolers. We offer solutions for up to 12 pallets per room. Separate model ranges for Euro and Standard pallets.

Special solutions

Based on our Next Gen range we also build to specification:
- Multi-room configurations
- XL- & high capacity systems
- Intelligent mobile solutions

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