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Practical examples of Vacuum Cooling for Vegetables & Herbs

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Vacuum cooling for Bread & Bakery
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Vacuum cooling for Food & Kitchen
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Vacuum cooling for Vegetables & Herbs
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Vacuum cooling for Flowers & Cold Chain Management
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Vacuum cooling for Turf & Compost

Leafy vegetables

Our customer Versland from Poeldijk has been using a double 8 pallet vacuum cooler since 2019. Mr. E. Koelewijn from Versland explains in the article below from Vegetable News why vacuum cooling was chosen for cooling leafy vegetables:

“We cool the products down to about three in twelve minutes. This way, all the product comes directly into the cold store cold. In doing so, we extend the shelf life of the product considerably. For the items we carry, it is necessary to use a vacuum cooler to get them to the right temperature at the customer."

Mr. E. Koelewijn further explains:

"These coolers require a substantial investment, but we do have something that someone else does not. With this investment, we have taken steps to unburden our customers as optimally as possible and to offer a complete range of fresh vegetables to exporters, wholesalers all year round. and processing industry.”

Source: | Publication date: 24 Dec 2019 | Author: Izak Heijboer

Iceberg Lettuce

Botzenhard at Ulm (Germany) is one of the many (foreign) customers using our vacuum coolers for quickly cooling back (iceberg) lettuce immediately after harvest. Practice shows that when iceberg lettuce is cooled back in the vacuum condenser within one hour after harvest, the cutting surface is not discolored! Furthermore, the lettuce stays fresh and crisp significantly longer, and the storage and transport time are substantially extended.

Martin Botzenhard, Gemüse Botzenhard - Germany
“Since we invested in our vacuum cooler, we can always cool down our lettuce within 15 – 25 minutes to around 4 °C.
Final cooling to 0.5 °C takes place in our cold room, which now always stays at its ideal temperature.”

Fossa Eugenia - The Netherlands:
“When we vacuum cool within 1 hour after harvesting, the cutting surface will not turn brown anymore, increasing value & shelf life.”

Andreas Sporrer, Sprinz Gemüse - Germany
“Through vacuum cooling, we can easily ship our iceberg lettuce long distance, and increase storage life by up to three weeks or more.”

Fresh Herbs

If fresh herbs are not cooled soon after harvesting, this temperature-sensitive product can spoil quickly.

“Thanks to our new Weber Cooling Vacuum Cooler, our losses due to downtime have been greatly reduced and the quality of the products supplied by us remains at a much higher level”, explains Domingos Mendes of Lopeglis in Morocco.

“We are known for the high quality of our freshly picked herbs such as dill, basil, coriander, chives, lemongrass, oregano, parsley, bay leaves, mint, rosemary, sage, thyme and more. Our new Weber Cooling Vacuum Cooler can be used for almost all herbs to quickly reduce respiration & perspiration and maximize our quality and yield”, said Marc Semhoun of Les Herbes de Roussillon in France.

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