Economic Advantages of Bread Vacuum Cooling

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Cost Saving with Vacuum Baking
Vacuum cooling of bread brings much more than only fast cooling for bread & bakery applications.
For bread & bakery applications. It will take over a part of your baking process. Up to 1/3 of your baking time will be transferred from the oven to the vacuum cooler, where your product will continue to bake, while cooling down! During the cooling process the pressure in the chamber is reduced continuously, thus reducing the boiling point of water, and forcing the water in the bread to cook. The boiling energy is taken from the bread; as an effect, the bread gets colder. As you continue to cook the water, the gelatinization process continues in the vacuum cooler!

Increasing your productivity

With vacuum cooling is possible as you reduce your baking time by up to 35%. As an effect, you can produce up to 40% more bread with your same ovens! It sounds like magic, but a trial at our experience center will quickly show you how much faster your products can be baked.

Vacuum cooling will save on energy

As you will transfer the last phase of your baking process to the vacuum cooler, you will also save on baking energy. Roughly, our vacuum coolers will require only between 1 and 2 kWh to cool down 100 kg of bread! This is comparable to the energy you will save in your oven. And you can skip all additional cooling costs.

With vacuum, you will increase
space productivity

Hours of cooling can be reduced to minutes. If you want to slice the bread you probably will need to include some waiting time, otherwise your bread is ready to pack when it comes out of the cooler, thus reducing your cooling space by up
to 100%!

With vacuum cooling will reduce your total investment cost

At Weber Cooling, one vacuum cooler costs around the same as you would otherwise one oven! Considering that one vacuum cooler can cool products for 3 – 5 ovens, and vacuum will increase your production capacity by up to 40%, with one vacuum cooler you can gain an extra baking capacity of up to 2 extra ovens
Bottom line: your investment in vacuum gives you free added baking capacity and increases your quality & shelf life and the same time!
Customer response
Vacuum cooling
Bread rolls biscuits
  • Original baking time: 24 min
  • Current baking time: 17 min
  • Original cooling time: 30 min
  • Current cooling time: 2.5 min
  • Original daily output: 8000 pcs
  • Current daily output: 9600 St
System details
Vacuum Room:
1050 * 1400 * 2200 (W*D*H) MM
Installed Power:
15 kw

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