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WeBake Range

Our top models for the bakery world are brought together under the WeBake Range, our standard solution for the European market. The intelligent combination of vacuum and cooling technology ensures a perfect cooling curve for all types of bread and guarantees the shortest cooling times. Multiple vacuum rooms can be combined with one central cooling system. While one vacuum chamber can be used with five ovens, a three-chamber vacuum cooler can serve up to fifteen ovens!

General Videos

Vacuum cooling results in many quality and economic advantages besides faster cooling, such as: improved crust and overall product crispness, prolonged shelf life, reduced reject rates, minimized bacteria growth, more stability in shape, an increased product volume and softer texture, substantial higher productivity, energy savings, space reduction and reduced overall investment costs.

Test Results & Evaluations

In our Vacuum Baking Experience Centers in the Netherlands and Japan customers can test their recipes and experience the benefits that vacuum brings. It takes a lot of testing and adjusting to ultimately achieve the perfect results, but seeing is believing what vacuum cooling can mean for your products.
We have made an extensive library of our conducted tests and their evaluations.
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Wereldwijd leider in vacuüm-koeloplossingen voor verse producten en voedingsmiddelen. Weber Cooling is onderdeel van Strade Consult BV.

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