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Bread & Bakery
Innovation vacuum cooling bakery

Bakkerij Wiltink innovates with first Weber vacuum cooling installation

Innovate with Weber vacuum cooling installation
Wiltink innovates with vacuum cooling to simplify the process and improve the quality of the fina...
Vacuum Cooling Advances Baking

Exclusive: Vacuum Cooling Advances Baking

Vacuum Cooling Advances Baking
The first is the fact that – contrary to all other vacuum cooling applications, for bread & baker...
Vacuum Cooling Advances Baking

Technology: Vacuum Cooling Q&A

Baker & Biscuit: Technology Vacuum Cooling Q&A
Learn everything about the Vacuum Cooling technology in this Q&A
Vacuum Cooling Cooked food

Vacuum Cooling cooked sausages

Vacuum Cooling: cooked sausages
Cooling time to 4 °C for natural casing was reduced by 40.78% at 60 mbar/min.
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