Vacuum Baking Experience Centre

A revolution for your bakery
Experience what Vacuum Baking can bring for you!
At our vacuum baking test centers, you can bake & vacuum cool your own recipes, and experience the productivity increase and quality improvement vacuum can bring for your bakery products.

Our bakery centers are equipped to bake & cool all your bakery products. Our experienced vacuum baking specialist will define the optimal testing program with you. At the end of the day(s) you have seen for yourself what quality improvements are possible for your products, and what productivity gains you can achieve through baking time reduction!

Vacuum Baking Experience Centre Netherlands

In the Netherlands, our experience center is located at Bakery Wiltink, one of our first customers specializing in gluten-free products. Before purchasing a production system, he experimented extensively with one of our research machines and discovered how vacuum ensures a consistent and higher quality of their gluten-free products while reducing baking time.

Owner Karel Wiltink: "' We have become convinced of vacuum cooling. So much so, that we have a demonstration room where a special demo vacuum cooler from Weber Cooling has been put into use for product development to take place."

Balanced recipes for vacuum cooling

A lot of expertise, testing and time is needed to achieve optimal end results. We can realize that in our demonstration room. We are however, a supporter of the principle: who can share can also multiply. That is to say that we do not want to keep this technique for ourselves, so in good consultation, Bakker Wiltink have given Weber Cooling permission to also use this demonstration space for their customers.

We can show you how vacuum works in practice with your own products. In this way we can convince you of the high quality.

Vacuum cooling will convince you

We strongly believe that we can show potential customers how vacuum cooling works in practice, with their own products. This way we can convince them of the high level of quality and knowledge we deliver. It requires a lot of testing and adjusting to eventually achieve the perfect result when you start switching to vacuum cooling, but it brings you so much added value.

Better quality & higher production

Your product get more volume, are more tender and have a longer shelf life. To top it all off, you save energy and therefore costs. We keep vacuum cooling affordable to our customers, which enabled us to deliver new systems to customers almost monthly all over the world.

Test your recipe
around the world

Doetinchem (NL) - Tokyo (JP) - Manilla (PH)
In our Vacuum Baking Experience Centers (in Europe and Asia) you can test all your recipes and can experience all the advantages that vacuum can bring for your products. You will understand what it means that “vacuum cooling will become a part of your baking process”!

Test result

Better bread structure and increased volume | Reduced bacteria growth and longer shelf-life
  • Vacuum cooling gluten free bread
  • Vacuum Cooling Chocolate croissants
  • Vacuum Cooling Raisin bread
  • Vacuum oven croissants
  • vacuum cooling white bread loafs
  • Vacuum Cooling puffed pastry
  • Vacuum Cooling buns, rolls, bagles

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