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“No more quality claims thanks to Weber vacuum cooling”

The Ecuadorian freight forwarder EBF Cargo has just acquired a new vacuum cooling machine which is fully operating now. “The process is ultra-fast, in only 20 minutes the process is completed and the flowers ready to go”, says Commercial Manager Patricio Brito.

A vacuum cooling machine cools down the flowers and takes out the undesired humidity of the flowers in a stable way by creating vacuum inside the chamber. Over the last years this technique has been used more often and transporters are becoming more aware of the benefits. Patricio: “Flowers leave with the right temperature and can better endure temperature changes during transportation, thus improving cold chain management. Also the quality of the flowers is preserved and the vase life increases. Plus the risk of botrytis and insects is reduced.”

The machine is located inside their cooler rooms. Vacuum cooling can be used on all types of flowers which need cold chain management i.e roses, carnations, gypsophila, pincushions and more.

Clients of EBF Cargo have started using this process and Patricio says the feedback is great. “Our clients have no quality claims anymore from their own clients. This process is especially useful for clients who send their product to destinations with long transit times and/or a lot of connections in between. It also applies to clients using sea transportation for flowers.”

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Flower cooling

Case cooling flowers at the airport

“Vacuum is the only efficient and effective cooling option at the airport, to cool down combined shipments to temperature where the products are in hibernation state”, claims Hans Juursema of Weber Cooling.

Perfect temperature guarantees optimal forward transportation

“Only this way substantial heating up during transportation can be prevented. And even a few degrees higher temperature on departure can result in un-acceptable high temperatures at the arrival side.”

Weber Cooling is the new leader in airport cooling solutions, with on average 3 (!) new vacuum rooms installed each year, at airports in Europe, Eastern Africa & South-East Asia and the USA.

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Prevent botrytis

Case prevention of Botrytis in packed flowers

One of the leading importers in the UK for fresh flowers (mainly roses) from Columbia has tested our Weber vacuum coolers extensively, and made a full report, of which we are allowed to share the conclusions with you:

Vacuum Cooling reduces moisture in packed flowers. Therefore there is hardly any Botrytis thanks to dryer conditions in the sleeve.

“Vacuum cooling is a quick, effective approach to reducing temperature
… removing condensation from sleeves has positive effects on botrytis reduction
… time (along with pressure) is a critical factor in the cooling process
… vacuum cooling at the arrival site does not have any detrimental effect on vase performance, but is positive for the reduction of rejects & complaints”.

Hypericum cooling

Case Vacuum Cooling of Hypericum in Kenia

Hypericum is cooled in vacuum by a leading grower of roses and hypericum in Kenia for 15 years already.

Wildfire Flowers (Kenia) own a vacuum cooler for about 15 (!) years, and use it almost daily to cool down their Hypericum with little to no maintenance worries.

Perfect cooled Hypericum brings top quality & minimal rejects

Ann Mugi, sales manager: “With vacuum we can cool down our Hypericum within around 15 – 20 minutes, from around 20 °C down to 2 °C. Only this way we can guarantee top quality of our delicate flowers after shipment to Europe!”

Tulip cooling

Case vacuum cooling of tulips at Ruiter Wever

Since spring 2015 at Ruiter Wever the latest generation "Weber Cooling" vacuum coolers is running to cool tulips. The choice for vacuum cooling was made on the basis of the advantages of this technique for speed and uniformity of cooling back. Weber Cooling was chosen for the unique price-performance ratio.

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