vacuum cooling pasta

Case vacuum cooling pasta at Swinkels

Harold Swinkels of Swinkels Food cools pasta with a one trolley vacuum cooler from Weber.

At Swinkels Food - a leading Dutch supplier of snacks and third party food products - we’ve installed a one trolley vacuum cooler for pasta.

"With vacuum our pasta is cooled fast and uniformly."

“Not only is our production capacity no longer limited by our cooling facilities, also our pasta quality is superior”, Harold Swinkels states.

“We are now also experimenting with our fillings for your Dutch Croquettes, to optimize both productivity and food preservation properties”.

meat substitute

Case vacuum cooling meat substitute

A hot and fast growing trend is the usage of dairy-based meat substitutes for cooking and frying.

Perfect structure of dairy-based meat substitute

“After extensive testing it has been proven that vacuum cooling can not only ensure fast and especially uniform cooling of this artificial meat directly after production, it also preserves the product structure in the best possible way”, the manager of one of these factories states.

"Cooling times of 20 – 30 minutes for 200 – 400 kg loads are 'a piece of cake' now."

Weber Cooling has recently installed several new installations at the leading international suppliers in this field.

 vacuum cooling in food kitchen

Case vacuum cooling in food kitchens

Shanghai nr. 1 airline food producer needed more cooling capacity but had no more space to grow...

No more production bottle necks and temperature issues

"It was not possible anymore to cool all our cooked food in our 5 blast chillers, and did not have the space to expand. By replacing the 5th chiller for a 3 trolley vacuum cooler from Weber we’ve been able to double our cooling capacity, as our cooling time could be reduced from 2 – 4 hours to 20 – 30 minutes.", the production manager states.


"With the vacuum cooler there is no more risk of people taking out the products before cooling is done correctly. And as the vacuum cooler is extremely energy efficient, we can double our production without any significant increase in the power needs for the cooling process"..

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